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  • Obtaining a birth certificate is done when a child is born.
  • Each birth is registered by the officiate of the hospital or other registered personnel.
  • Once the original birth stats and forms are filed, the parents can order a copy of the certificate.
  • To get a new copy you want to contact the town offices for the town that you were born in, remember it is not the town you grew up in but the town the hospital you were born in. The office will let you know what you need to bring with you or to mail to them in order to get a copy.


Required Documents[edit]

  • Proof of nationality.
  • Birth certificate of each of the parents.
  • Official valid photo ID. (It is only necessary to present one of the following)
    • Mexican passport.
    • High Security Consular registration current.
    • Voter (IFE).
  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Records of divorce or death certificate of former spouse and current marriage; only if the child's mother to register has been divorced or widowed and has remarried, as their names have changed.
  • And if a parent is of another nationality, also have long version birth certificate and valid photo identification officer.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Civil Registry Offices in Mexico

  • Aguascalientes;

Registry Office Address:
Av. Hroes de Nacozari esq. Adolfo Lpez Mateos, s/n
Aguascalientes, Ags.
CP 20250
Telephone: (449) 918-1812, (449) 916-3359

  • Baja California:

Registry Office Address:
Calzada Independencia s/n Edif. del Poder Ejecutivo 1er piso.
Mexicali, B.C.
CP 21150
Telephone: (686) 558-1000 Ext. 1868

  • Baja California Sur;

Registry Office Address:
Av. 5 de mayo, entre Mxico y Melitn Albaez
Col. Guerrero.
La Paz, B.C.S.
CP 23020
Telephone: (612)123-9434, (612)125-2690

  • Campeche;

Registry Office Address:
Calle 12 por 61, edificio Campeche, Col. Centro
Campeche, Camp.
CP 24000
Telephone: (981)816-3448

  • Coahuila;

Registry Office Address:
Hidalgo Norte #337
Zona Centro
Saltillo, Coah.
CP 25000
Telephone: (844)412-4620, (844)414-8798

  • Colima;

Registry Office Address:
Venustiano Carranza #60
Col. Centro
Colima, Col.
CP 28000
Telephone: (312)312-6446

  • Chihuahua;

Registry Office Address:
Edificio Melchor Ocampo
Calle Libertad #1300
Col. Centro
Chihuahua, Chih.
Telephone: (614)429-3300

  • Chiapas;

Registry Office Address:
Calle Central y 2da Sur s/n
Col. Centro
Tuxtla Gutirrez, Chis.
CP 29000
Telephone: (961)613-4322

  • Distrito Federal;

Registry Office Address:
Arcos de Belem esq. Dr. Andrade
Col. Doctores
Mxico, D.F.
CP 06700
Telephone: (555)709-2125

  • Durango;

Registry Office Address:
Sauca #721
Fracc. Jardines de Dur
Durango, Dgo.
CP 34210
Telephone: (618)829-7773, (618)829-7828, (618)818-2142

  • Estado de Mxico;

Registry Office Address:
Lerdo Pte. 101 P.B.
Edif. Plaza Toluca
Toluca, Edo. Mex.
CP 50000
Telephone: (722)214-3316, (772)214-2932, (772)214-6839

  • Guanajuato;

Registry Office Address:
Calle Jardn del Cantodor #29 Col. Centro
Guanajuato, Gto.
Telephone: (473)732-9076, (473)732-3421, (473)732-0273

  • Guerrero;

Registry Office Address:
Edif. Juan Alvarez P.B.
Col. Centro
Chilpancingo, Gro.
CP 39000
Telephone: (747)471-0302, (747)472-4455

  • Hidalgo;

Registry Office Address:
Av. Madero #100- 3er piso
Col. Centro
Pachuca, Hgo.
Telephone: (771)719-1528, (771)719-1527

  • Jalisco;

Registry Office Address:
Av. Prolongacin Alcalde 1855 P.B.
Sector Hidalgo
Guadalajara, Jal.
CP 44280
Telephone: (333)819-2456, (333)819-2458

  • Michoacn;

Registry Office Address:
Av. Tata Vasco #80
Col. Vasco de Quiroga
Morelia, Mich.
CP 58230
Telephone: (443)317-2352, (443)317-2353, (443)317-2355

  • Morelos;

Registry Office Address:
Calle Humbolt #2
Esq. Salazar. Col. Centro
Cuernavaca, Mor.
CP 52000
Telephone: (777)318-3325, (777)318-5598

  • Nayarit;

Registry Office Address:
Av. Mxico y Abasolo
Palacio de Gobierno
Tepic, Nay.
CP 63000
Telephone: (311)212-1225, (311)316-8981

  • Nuevo Len;

Registry Office Address:
Washington y Dr. Coss
Zona Centro
Monterrey, N.L.
CP 64000
Telephone: (818)344-7660

  • Oaxaca;

Registry Office Address:
Garca Vigil #602
Col. Centro
Oaxaca, Oax.
CP 68000
Telephone: (951)516-7951

  • Puebla;

Registry Office Address:
Av. 11 Oriente #2002
Col. Azcrate
Puebla, Pue.
CP 72000
Telephone: (222)235-0882, (222)235-0896, (555)232-3123

  • Quertaro;

Registry Office Address:
Ezequiel Montes #23 Nte.
Col. Centro Histrico
Quertaro, Qro.
CP 76000
Telephone: (442)212-8998, (442)212-8999

  • Quintana Roo;

Registry Office Address:
Av. Plutarco Elas Calles #278 Col. Centro
Chetumal, Q.R.
CP 77000
Telephone: (983)832-8521

  • Sinaloa;

Registry Office Address:
Tefilo Noria esq. Miguel Hidalgo. Col. Centro
Culiacn, Sin.
Telephone: (667)715-6696

  • San Luis Potos;

Registry Office Address:
Eje Vial #100
Planta Baja. Zona Centro
San Luis Potos, SLP
CP 78000
Telephone: (444)812-1249

  • Sonora;

Registry Office Address:
Archivo Estatal del Registro Civil
Edif. Sonora Sur, PB
Blvd. Paseo Ro Sonora y Comonfort
Hermosillo, Son.
CP 83280
Telephone: (662)213-3820, (662)217-1772

  • Tabasco;

Registry Office Address:
Calle Nicols Bravo esq. Jos N. Rovirosa s/n
Col. Centro
Villahermosa, Tab.
CP 86000
Telephone: (993)312-0163, (993)312-6418, (993)312-0549

  • Tamaulipas;

Registry Office Address:
Edif. Gubernamental Tiempo Nuevo
Blvd. Emilio Portes Gil 1260
Cd. Victoria, Tamps.
CP 87080
Telephone: (834)318-1125

  • Tlaxcala;

Registry Office Address:
Portal Hidalgo #5
Col. Centro
Tlaxcala, Tlax.
CP 90000
Telephone: (246)462-6655

  • Veracruz;

Registry Office Address:
Av. Encanto esq. Av. Lzaro Crdenas. Col. El Mirador
Xalapa, Ver.
CP 91170
Telephone: (228)814-2810

  • Yucatan;

Registry Office Address:
Calle 65 #520
Col. Centro
Mrida, Yuc.
Telephone: (999)924-0007, (999)924-0482, (999)928-0200

  • Zacatecas;

Registry Office Address:
Blvd. Adolfo Lpez Mateos #108 Col. Centro
Zacatecas, Zac.
CP 98000
Telephone: (492)922-4633



Getting a birth certificate is really not that difficult. You get the first copy when you are born, obviously but many times that copy can be lost or destroyed before you are old enough to need it for yourself.


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


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Processing Time[edit]

Often times if you have the correct documentation you can pick a copy up on the same day.

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  • A birth certificate has to be obtained from the place where you were born.
  • If you are unsuccessful in obtaining your certificate on your own, consider using a company that specializes in requesting vital records from Mexico.
  • If you are seeking a copy of a certificate after that original dispersal, you will need to contact the Birth Registrars Office or Office of Vital Statistics in the state in which you were born.

Required Information[edit]

  • Name, gender and date and time of birth
  • Place of birth and gestational week of birth
  • Health status at birth, including length and weight
  • Mother's name, age, ethnicity and nationality
  • Mother's ID card number
  • Father's name, age, ethnicity and nationality
  • Father's ID card number
  • Location of birth (hospital, home etc.)
  • Name of the facility
  • The form you filled out at the hospital for your child's birth.
  • Copies of all of the above documents.


Need for the Document[edit]

A birth certificate is a vital record that documents the birth of a child. The term "birth certificate" can refer to either the original document certifying the circumstances of the birth or to a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that birth. Depending on the jurisdiction, a record of birth might or might not contain verification of the event by such as a midwife or doctor.

Information which might help[edit]

A note on the copies. Don't make them or bring them in advance. They are very particular about how they want things copied and the size of the paper they are copied on. When you get to the Registro Civil, I advise going in and having them check your paperwork to make sure everything is correct. If they say it is, they will tell you that you need copies.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

The actual record of birth is stored with a government agency. That agency will issue certified copies or representations of the original birth record upon request,

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