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Maternity wards are responsible for registering births that occur in the facility. Maternity ward staffs serve as Deputy Registrar and it is their responsibility to register children delivered in their facilities. Mothers who deliver in hospital maternity wards should claim their child's birth certi?cate before she is discharged and keep it safe.

If your child is delivered at home; he or she can still be registered by community elders/villages leaders or religious leaders in Mosques who have been o?icially appointed by the Ministry of Interior. You can also check with the EPI ?xed center while taking your child for vaccination. They may register birth of your child if they have accepted this responsibility. For more information please contact with village Maliks who will be able to direct you to the nearest community birth registration center.


Required Documents[edit]

Identification document

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Director Vital Statistics
Civil Registration Department
Ministry of Interior
Mobile: 0799 32 $341
Please also contact with village Maliks
Ministry of Interior Affairs



  • Every child has a right to be registered at birth and have a birth certi?cate.
  • The birth of a child shall be reported by the childs legal guardian to the nearest civil registration office within six months after birth.


Birth registration is FREE and available in hospitals, clinics, mosques and vital statistic departments. For more information please contact village Maliks.


Birth registration has no expiry.

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Sample Documents[edit]

Birth registration Card Sample

Processing Time[edit]

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Birth registration is a fundamental and inalienable human right. It is a critical first step in ensuring the rights of the child throughout his/her life. Birth registration is crucial for the implementation of national policies and legislation establishing minimum age for work, military conscription and marriage. Birth registration can also prove to be a valuable source of data for planning services for children, such as planning and implementing immunization programmes and supporting education planning. Children whose births are not registered at birth are most likely to have no access or difficulty in accessing social services and enjoying their rights for protection against abuse, violence and exploitation.

Required Information[edit]

  • Name (Last Name and First Name(s)
  • Date of birth
  • Certificate Number
  • Birthplace
  • Gender
  • Date of Registration
  • Registration Number
  • Date issued


Need for the Document[edit]

Birth registration is the official recording of the birth of a child by Vital Statistics Offices. It is a permanent and official record or proof of a child existence in a country.

Government of Afghanistan has made it clear that once the system has been completely revitalized, birth certi?cates will be a requirement to accessing basic services such as education, immunization and health.

Information which might help[edit]

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

By registering your child, his or her status will be officially recognized before the law. Registration means proof - not only of identity, but of existence. By registering birth of your child you are assisting him/her to get national ID much easier without going through the process including age veri?cation and also their ability to access other fundamental rights such as getting passport, entering into school at right age with correct information, receiving vaccination at the right age, avoiding recruitment into armed forces before the legal age, early marriage and child labor.

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Lack of birth registration is a violation of the childs inalienable human right to be given an identity at birth and to be regarded as part of society.